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Luxury Lesbian Events



Luxury and unique pop-up events for lesbian and bisexual women and non-binary people​

Exclusively for women and genderqueer people who love life, love luxury and love other women

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02 Mar 2018

Private View Party

Free to Platinum Partners

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16 Nov 2017

Cocktail Masterclass

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hfl provides exceptional lesbian/gay and bisexual women (and those identifying as non-binary/genderqueer) with access to exclusive events in London.

We appreciate high-end event values and attract those that do too.  Our members come from all industries and from all walks of life.  Most are professional women but we understand that, sometimes, it's not what you're doing but what you've done - or want to do - that counts.  If you're taking a career break, just starting out or retired you'll find an inspiring platform.  We simply ask you are serious about having fun, creating fantastic experiences and contributing positively.  

We will always try to keep a couple of free spots for those working in medicine, volunteering, emergency response or armed services.

We invite senior managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to join our Platinum Partners.  Our Platinum Partners have access to member-only intimate networking events and member perks.  Click here to find out more.

We do not permit cis-men at our events or for Platinum Partner membership.


Platinum Partners

The Platinum Series events are a members-only collection of carefully curated events in exclusive venues.  Each intimate event is typically limited to under twenty like-minded professional people.  Platinum Partners also have access to member perks and free sponsored events.  Many Platinum Partners are senior managers, business owners, business leaders and public figures.  Membership is invitation only.

Email us to find out more about Platinum Partner events



Sarah Woodhead is a commercial operations professional in the events and entertainment industry, amassing more than a decade of senior level experience in live music and events where she started, built and continues to run a multi-million pound business providing fans and artists with VIP solutions in more than twenty-four countries.

"Live experiences have enormous potential to enrich our lives.  The demand for live experiences over consumer goods continues to rise.  Every event has so much potential but is often let down by a lack of attention to detail.  Disappointed by the options for gay women I set up hfl events to, first and foremost, create the type of events I would like to attend and use my knowledge to benefit the LGBT+ community,"


“Sarah has been in the business of delivery high value high end experiences right across Europe for the last thirteen years.

She stands alone in the market for her attention to detail, first class customer service and always reaches for the highest possible standards.

I wholeheartedly recommend her business and am jealous of those that are to enjoy the unique experiences I know she is planning to bring to life."